Aug 10th 2014 -
(tracking pianos, recording a new album at Flora Studios Portland Or)

July 28th 2014 -
Finishing up lyrics at my apartment / bedroom / living room / rehearsal studio!
in one week, we begin recording another new record with producer John Askew

May 19th 2014 -
(Ireland tracking guitars)

May 14th 2014 -
in Ireland tracking pianos today, getting started on the new EP produced by Darragh Nolan

May 4th 2014 - Check out my Pixies cover featured on Californication

Oct Nov Dec: House of Wolves on Air France Music in flight playlist this winter 

Meet House of Wolves, new addition to the Fargo roster

No Fear of Pop 

Bandcamp Hunter

Lewis and his blog 

“House of Wolves honorable mention on KCRW, with Chuck P.”

“Fold in the Wind is overflowing with acoustic based songs that crawl up your spine and stay on your mind for  days afterward. It’s atmosphere with a heavy center – due to Rey Villalobos’ nearly in-tears vocals and hazy production”
- iTunes Indie Spotlight Newsletter

 “Villalobos Vocals are probably the most beautiful instrument I’ve heard on any album this year”
- Lewis and His Blog

“The songwriting is very strong, cinematic even. Rey has a knack for mise-en-scène - one that’s romantic and shot like a French New Wave film.”

"you’re on your knees. And it’s only track one."... Magical, magical stuff
I've been floored by the beauty of this album. Very special. Listen, get lost in it."

 “House of Wolves mysterious beauty and pure honesty is impossible to dislike” -

“House of Wolves (one's to watch) “the beautifully plaintive “50′s”, with tender vocals and a muted trumpet backing it gave me goosebumps when I first heard it. The second, “Jealous”, has an echo effect applied to his voice giving it an otherworldly sound as he sings over an acoustic guitar and is absolutely gorgeous”

“Fold in the Wind is a true gem with songs that sit in stark contrast to the programmed synthesizers and drum machines that have become so ubiquitous in the recent musical landscape. This is an album that demands your patience, but it’s a patience that will be richly rewarded.”

" House of Wolves a minimal acoustic driven folk project that feels like what the Velvet Underground might have sounded like if they never left the bedroom

"a spine-tinglingly lovely song from House of Wolves‘ debut album Fold In The Wind, a warm and organic and heartfelt album that I can’t stop listening to

"don't hate me, but i think this is by far better than bon iver.... and it's worth every penny... amazing stuff! "
- edenisneon.blogspot

 “In a methodical-but-beautiful way, House of Wolves have produced indie folk music that has not forgotten about what makes us human (“it’s the bitter side of life that I like”)

 “There’s a quiet yet captivating ambience to House of Wolves that only magnifies its vulnerability and sincerity. The honesty and utter lack of guile allow Villalobos to more accurately and convincingly convey what he feels without a need to poetically tuck himself away inside a pocket of mystery”

 “House of Wolves is mastering fragile romance nostalgia…and lucky for us Los Angelenos, Rey is a local himself so we will hopefully be seeing more of him around town in the following months”

 “50’s” is a soft tune that shines like a setting sun on a summer day. Distant trumpet wraps lightly around the warm strumming of a guitar while jangly percussion rings from below, all layered under Villalobos’ gentle, somewhat haunting, voice. The result is a devastatingly tender folk-pop song laced with poignant, heartfelt emotion”

"It's like the prolonged orgasm experienced in Tantric ritual. It keeps going and going and going until your body shuts down from over stimulation. So many good tracks populate the album."

(#1 choice for album of the year 2011)
"We’ve all felt the hairline rips of heartache; and I’ve always struggled to articulate it. Villalobos has crafted it into an album, and in the process completely exposed himself. He is relentless in his reveal; exposing bones and veins through delicate guitar and subdued strings; accompanied by the sparsest piano and the occasional hum of horns. His voice is what crushes- it’s almost unbearably vulnerable and strangely genderless. It could be anyone whispering their secrets to you. You’re on your knees. And it’s only track one." - Bandcamp Hunter